Beard Necessities is a family owned and operated business. Made in the USA. 

Here is the story through my brothers eyes..

Like many a young man trying to find his way in life whilst navigating the stormy seas of adolescence I had many questions. The primary one being how to grow a glorious beard that would be the envy of everyone from the Greek Gods to centerfold models. This was a long arduous journey filled with uncountable peaks and valleys. It started with peach fuzz and it ended with man fur - in the shape of a perfectly symmetrical beard covering my face. There was only one problem my face was not even remotely manly enough to handle a beard coveted by all. I suffered from itchiness, dryness, irritated skin and flakes, but I endured because it also manifested the vision I had many years before - an endless horde of women raining down upon me. So, I made an easy decision. I decided to dedicate the rest of my life (if necessary) to find a cure for the genetic weakness of sensitive skin I had been cursed with.

Over the next 4 days I hiked the entire Appalachian Trail barefoot, averaging 546.25 miles a day. I tested a great many roots and herbal remedies along the way. Next I flew by hovercraft down to the Amazon Jungle. I swam with pirañas and wrestled an anaconda. I slept on the jungle floor and looked up into the heavens and wondered would I ever find what I so desperately needed. I took with me lessons of strength and great courage from there, but still I searched on. I canoed across the Pacific Ocean and drank Saki with Samurai warriors. Then I climbed K2, Everest and Mt. Fuji. I spoke to many Shamans and medicine men during these climbs. I took a vision quest and found my spirit animal - a Grizzly Bear. With my new found companion I found a time-space vortex and traveled back in time nearly 2000 years onto the sacred sands of the Coliseum floor. We battled with gladiators and felt the earth shake under the tumultuous roar of 80,000 spectators. With the final thrust of my battle axe we were thrown back to present day. I immediately went into the laboratory I had commissioned Thomas Edison's ghost to build prior to my epic adventure. 

And now I present to you, the masses, my bearded brothers (who may or may not suffer from sensitive skin) an answer to the question as old as time... and that answer comes in the form of minimalistic bottles holding the best shit on Earth. I give you - Beard Necessities Premium Beard Care Products . Every beard’s spirit animal.

MADE IN THE USA… with real grizzly bear tears (grizzly bear tears not included, everyone knows grizzly bears don’t cry.)