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Happy Valentine's Day - Promo Code From Cupid

Valentine's Day may just be the trickiest holiday of them all; whether a newly found romance, a 30 year marriage or an old flame rekindled. What to get? Too much? Too little? Things can get awkward. What if your as single as a dollar bill? Are you not entitled to anything? Don't worry, we're here to help!

For starters, Ladies, Grizzly Beard Conditioner is the perfect gift for the man in your life. It isn't extravagant. It isn't flowers and chocolate. It isn't balloons. It is thoughtful. It is considerate. It is awesome. His beard will reach new levels of greatness. If he doesn't have a beard, dump him right now and find a guy who does. 

And, fellas, whether you're single or not you're still allowed to treat yourself. Even better, treat your beard because after all, beards need love too. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show a little love.

In closing, ladies, buy your man a bottle of Grizzly Beard Conditioner. Fellas, if your girl doesn't buy you a bottle she doesn't love you, but you can still buy yourself a bottle. Use promo code "SWTHRT25" for 25% off! 

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The Perfect Christmas Gift!

The Perfect Christmas Gift For Him!

It's almost Christmas time so you know what that means - 'Tis the season to giveth! Sometimes that's easier said than done though. Getting gifts for people is a tricky endeavor; whether it be your significant other, your best friend or the weird guy in the last cubicle who you drew out of the hat for Secret Santa this year. 

Do you get them a gift card? Too impersonal. A pair of jeans? They'll return them because they won't fit properly. Food? Everyone likes food, right? Yeah, but not under the tree. What, then?

Don't panic. We have the answer for you: Grizzly Beard Conditioner! That's right - 8 ounces of the best shit on earth. If you know someone with a beard or anyone who is thinking of growing one, this is the perfect gift... and as for the weird guy in the last cubicle, buy him a bottle regardless. 

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