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The Perfect Time To Grow A Beard

Why Is Right Now The Perfect Time To Grow A Beard?!

It's October which means Winter is right around the corner. If you wait until next month to start growing your beard, it'll be too late! Yes, I know next month is "No Shave November" - and a great month it is. However, getting an early jump on things is crucial especially if you aren't one of those guys with Homer Simpson genetics who can grow a beard overnight. Start growing a beard now and you will be able to keep your lady warm come December. If you don't, someone else will. If you won't do it for you, at least do it for her... She's counting on you, my friend.

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How To Grow A Beard In 7 Simple Steps

How To Grow A Beard In 7 Simple Steps

If you've had a beard for while it may seem like this goes without saying, but if you're new to the beard journey there's a pretty simple question that a lot of people have and that is: How do I grow one?

The easy answer is to stop shaving, but there is a little more to it than that. So here's what you must do:

STEP 1. You must envision greatness. You have to see greatness before you can become it. Michael Jordan saw the ball go through the net before he ever shot it. Treat your beard like a game winner. 

STEP 2. You must have the proper tools. If you are to grow a beard it must become your craft - the proper weaponry is vital. 

STEP 3. Fight through the struggle. This is where most people fall down. Do not let the fact that your beard itches or is growing in patchy deter you. Persist my friend; for on the other side of that struggle is glory. 

STEP 4. Time to pick a shape. Be swift and precise - or better yet go to a barber who specializes in beards and tell him how you want your beard to look.

STEP 5. Maintenance. One does not simply grow a beard and then abandon it - he must maintain it. Using the proper products, keeping it neat, etc. Take care of your beard, and your beard will take care of you. 

STEP 6. Be patient and do a lot of manly shit. Chop wood, break bricks with your bare hands, climb mountains - do it all. Beardliness is next to manliness. 

STEP 7. Continue! Growing a beard is an ongoing process. Make sure you enjoy it, and remember you are the master of your fate. Good luck, beardsmen. 

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