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Beard Conditioner vs Beard Oil - Whats The Difference?

Beard Conditioner vs Beard Oil

Should you be using beard oil or beard conditioner? A very common question among the bearded. The truth is you should probably be using both. Let me explain.

Beard oil and conditioner are pretty similar, but too often they're confused to be one in the same and they aren't. Think of Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro - similar but not the same. 

Beard oil moisturizes and hydrates. If your beard is dry and dull, a good beard oil could be just the pick me up it needs. Beard Conditioner on the other hand more so softens and repairs damaged hairs as well as eliminates a lot of the skin conditions that come along with having a beard - beardruff, itchiness, redness, etc.

I like to look at beard oil as the quick fixer when you've got a hot date and you're running a few minutes behind. If your beard is looking extra luxurious when you pick her up she won't care that you're 10 minutes late. Beard conditioner is more long term. It's like eating healthy - kind of a pain in the ass but the more consistent you are with it the more success you'll have. It's actually a lot easier than eating healthy because you don't have to force feed yourself broccoli and spinach all day. Instead, a little Beard Conditioner 3 to 4 times a week in the shower and your beard will be magnificent. 

So you see, which one you choose to use comes down to what you're looking for. A fully equipped beardsmen should have both nearby. Bearding is your craft, and these are a couple of your most valuable weapons. Pick wisely my friends...

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