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Top 8 Beard Costumes For Halloween 2015

Halloween is the perfect time to sport a beard, whether you actually have one or not. It's a proven fact that beards make holidays better, and for that reason we've compiled our top 8 beard costumes! Here goes:

Walter White
Who is more bad ass than Walt? Nobody. Not to mention you could turn into Heisenberg at any moment. Just knock on the door and instead of saying "trick or treat" simply tell them, "say my name". Watch how much candy you get.

Forrest Gump
A legend amongst legends - Forrest has done it all including run across the country. He can surely handle Halloween.

This is... SPARTA! Try not to kick your neighbor when he opens the door though.

Noah from the Notebook
Is your girlfriend trying to convince you to shave your beard and dress up like Han Solo for Halloween? Turn yourself into Noah, and she'll never suggest such nonsense again.

King Triton from Little Mermaid
Because who doesn't want to carry a Trident around and zap things?! I don't know about King of the sea, but you'll definitely be the King of your neighborhood.

Ron Burgundy
The greatest anchorman in the history or anchormen. Also, you can put chocolate milk in your milk cartoon and nobody will be the wiser. Enjoy!

The Dude from Big Lebowski
What's cooler than cool?

(A) Ice Cold (B) Jeffery Lebowski

If you answered (A) you're wrong, although Outkast makes excellent music. If you answered (B) you've got life figured out my friend. The Dude abides.

Alan from Hangover
The man purse and/or baby satchel are both ideal for storing large amounts of candy in an inconspicuous fashion. Plus you get to wear shades so it's a win-win!

And there you have it, 8 killer beard costumes! So if you're thinking about shaving for Halloween you should definitely reconsider... and if you've always wanted a beard, well, here's your chance! Also, be sure to grab a bottle of our Grizzly Beard Conditioner to keep that beard looking fresh! Enter promo code "BCSPOOKY" at checkout for 15% off!